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We specialize in the development and quality control of goods in China.
Being based in the country gives us the extensive experience of the purchasing process in China. Any purchases you make are guaranteed to satisfy your request.


  • Improves the costs of the purchase
  • Increase your efficiency in the management of your products
  • Improves control and quality of the supply chain
  • Improve quality of the product


  1. Review of the customer's order. The client should provide the information about the product, reference price, volumes and frequency of the estimated purchase.
  2. Search and contact suitable suppliers based on the client's specifications.
  3. Selections of the supplier based of the client's requirement.
  4. Samples shipment coordination.
  5. Management, coordination and control of the production chain.
  6. Final inspection service.
  7. Coordination with logistic operator, if you don't have one we can recommend one.

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