Initial Production Inspection

Our Initial-Production Inspection service aims to review everything that is needed to start producing the goods in a factory. Check that everything is in order and make sure there are no problems.

By problems we mean all those difficulties that happen during the production process. This is a crucial step for all business owners who venture to expand the reach of their company to the Asian market.

Process in the Initial Production Inspection service

 Initial production inspection

The main goal is to review the machinery, as well as the rudimentary checking of supplies and goods needed to begin production. Our certified inspectors will perform all types of checks so that everything is ready and in order to start the production process.

Pricing (per Man-Day)

Mainland China: $285 USD.

India: $295 USD.

Indonesia & Pakistan: $385 USD.

Vietnam & Thailand: Case by Case basis.

Latin-America: Case by Case basis.

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