Factory Audit

One of the critical moments when starting a business relationship in an Asian country is choosing a reputable supplier that meets the guarantees and obligations that the client considers indispensable. 

Process in the Factory Audit service

  1. The Client send us the payment and information of the factory they want to audit.
  2. We research the factory that our clients wants to audit and collect all relevant information to see if it’s a real factory.
  3. We schedule the visit of our inspector to the factory.
  4. When the inspector visits the factory he analyze the following characteristic:
    • Facilities
    • Quality control system
    • Manufacturing control and inspection
    • Packing, handling and storage
    • Communication and customer service
    • Continuous improvement
  5. If all the points listed above are approved we qualify the factory according to international standards and send the report to our client in order for him to take a decision whether he wants to do business with this factory or not. 

Pricing (per Man-Day)

Mainland China: $485 USD.

India: $585 USD.

Indonesia & Pakistan: $585 USD.

Vietnam & Thailand: Case by Case basis.

Latin-America: Case by Case basis.

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