During Production Inspection

With Annex Asia and our During Production Inspection service you can get to know all the details of your order while still in the factory. Our team is responsible for analyzing meticulously all international standards and monitoring process of the various phases of production. This arduous task is performed by certified professionals in the field to guarantee the success of the evaluation. 

Our During Production Inspection service offers customers:

  • Monitoring and inspection on the production process in all its phases. From 20% complete, to 40% to reach 60%, the client will know the status of the production at every stage of the process.
  • Random selection of production samples to which is applied the tables AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit).
  • Review of raw materials and machinery used in manufacturing.
  • Final review and verification that the product finally meets the specifications set by the customer.
  • Verification of the various procedures used in the factory at the time of making the designs.

This is a service of great benefits to your business. First you get to know the production process from start to finish, avoiding possible production errors. 

What involves the Inspection During Production?  

Greater security, assurance of proper and efficient production process to deliver the best final product.

Furthermore, During Production Inspection allows you to reduce the risk of possible delays. Your business depends on meeting deadlines; this service offers you the reassurance of knowing the production process and thus avoiding possible delays in delivery dates.  

Pricing (per Man-Day)

Mainland China: $285 USD.

India: $295 USD.

Indonesia & Pakistan: $385 USD.

Vietnam & Thailand: Case by Case basis.

Latin-America: Case by Case basis.

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