Container Loading Inspection

The shipment phase of goods is crucial for any business. It is important to ensure that no errors were committed in the quantity of the goods or the packaging; any loss or damage can have negative consequences for the purchasing company and its business interest.

What is the Container Loading Inspection?

  • It offers a review of the amounts that are effectively shipped according to the packing list.
  • Inspection of the products packing to avoid possible damage when arrive to destination.
  • Conduct of random spot supervision ensuring that they are correct and they have not suffered any damage.
  • Check the container conditions before product loading.
  • Photograph record of the seal number and boarding time, as an essential part of the work and proof in case of any loss or delay.

Pricing (per Man-Day)

Mainland China: $285 USD.

India: $295 USD.

Indonesia & Pakistan: $385 USD.

Vietnam & Thailand: Case by Case basis.

Latin-America: Case by Case basis.

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